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Reordering your photo book

Reordering a photo book you’ve already made with us is wonderfully straightforward. You’ll also be able to make tweaks wherever needed before reordering. Here’s how to do it in 3 easy steps.

1  Start your photo book creator

On the welcome screen, click ‘Open product‘ and you’ll see a list of the most recent photo books you created. Click on the title of any book you’d like to reorder. If you can’t see the book you’re looking for, click ‘More products’ and look for it in your Albelli photo book folder. Start Photo Book Creator Tool

2  Change size (optional)

Once you’ve opened your photo book, you can change the size of your book before reordering it. To do this, click on the ‘Product’ tab and click the ‘Change size’ button in the menu bar.

Change Photo Book Size

3  Make improvements (also optional) and then reorder it!

You have the chance to opt for gloss, adding/removing pages or text before reordering your book. Make these changes in the same way you would when creating your book. When you’re happy with the final result, simply click ‘Order now’.

Make Improvements And Then Reorder

These steps also apply for books that were created and saved online. Do keep in mind, if you deleted your book from your online Albelli account then, unfortunately, reordering it will no longer be possible.