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Albelli creator tool for Windows

Albelli photo book software features

If you use Microsoft Windows then this is the version of our photo book creator for you. Here are just some of the features you can expect to take advantage of. For the latest Windows updates, head here

Download new version

Albelli's Windows Software

Getting the latest version of our photo book creator

Already got our photo book creator on your desktop? Simply open the creator and the new version will start straight away. All your old photo books will be saved so no need to fret!

Don’t have our photo book creator yet? Just click on our ‘Download’ button to install the creator and get started.

Great collection of backgrounds

Set the tone for your photo book with the right background. You can use one of your own photos as backgrounds, or choose one from our collection. Albelli backgrounds are designed just for us and come included in our photo book creator.

View all photo book backgrounds

Windows7.1 Photo Book Backgrounds

Unique frames and masks

Use frames and masks to add a vibrant and distinctive quality to your photo book. Choose from retro style photo frames, brush stroke effects, torn paper style and lots more.

View all frame and masks

Windowns 7.1 Photo Book Frames And Masks

New feature: clip art

New in our collection: speech bubbles, cartoon text formats and crazy colourful fonts. Ideal to decorate your photo book.

View all clip art

Windows 7.1 Photo Book Clip Art

Easy to change sizes and formats

If you’ve started designing your book and selected a size you’d then like to change, no problem.

Now you can change sizes at the click of your mouse without having to start from scratch. You can easily switch at any time during your photo book project. For example, from S to M, or M to XL or L. This is a pretty special feature in the photo book world!

This option is available for all photo books made with the new updated software. You can find this option under: Product > Change Size.

Easy To Change Sizes And Format

Access your old photo book files

You can still access and order photo books you’ve made before. In the new updated software, simply open the saved file, edit it and order again.

Here’s a short explanation of how you can do this. Go to the start-up screen within the photo creator software and choose the option ‘Open Product’. Then select ‘Products from previous version’ – this is where you’ll find all the projects you made in the old version.

Have fun using our design options to make your photo book visually richer and we’ll look forward to seeing the end result!

Access Old Photo Book Files

Download new version

Why Albelli?