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Creator tool update for Windows: version 8.0

Based on your feedback we have improved the photo book creator tool again. In version 8.0 for Windows, our print quality has improved and now it’s even easier to make a photo book! So what’s new or improved?

More text options

More text options

Shadow, transparency and position

You can now do even more with text! You can add a shadow, make your text more or less transparent and place your text above or beneath your photos. Additionally, you can now have text which spreads across two pages (just keep in mind – if you put text across two pages, the area on the black line will be lost in the crease of your book.)


Even easier Autofill

Even easier auto fill

Drag multiple folders into your storyboard and add additional pages

Use the storyboard to quickly fill your photo book. Drag an entire folder or multiple folders into the storyboard and the pictures will automatically be distributed across the pages. You can also drag photos into the storyboard one at a time. When you want to add extra pages, you can use the new button at the top of your screen.


Clearer representation of the fold in your book

Clearer representation of the fold in your book

The center line

In the new version of the photo book software the fold of your photo book is displayed more clearly, so you see exactly which part of your photo, text or formatting will fall within the fold.

When you open the photo book creator tool, you will automatically get a notice to update to version 8.0. After the mandatory update, you can continue creating your photo book and benefit from the new improvements!