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New Year wishes & a big thank you!

We wish for world peace, more candy and a pony! But more than that, we wish you oodles and oodles of happiness in the New Year! May 2013 see you happy, loving, and living well, and may you actually achieve your New Year’s resolutions (instead of flaking out as most of us tend to do here)! Thank you, you’ve made 2012 truly remarkable for us and we promise to make 2013 even better for you.

Collect your wishes…

Kate, Keith, Kelly, Sabrina, Liset, Ton, Robin, Anton, Judith, Stefan, Julia, Sam, Simon, Gui, Mike, Jon, Annemieke, Rogier, Jurriaan, Keith, Sabrina, Kelly, Daniel, Mirthe, Frank, Robbert-Jan, Eylard, Tamara, Alex, Nils, Martin, Barbara, Sven, Lisette, Wouter, Kate, Yuri, Suzanne Martin, Femke, Judith, Martijn, Bart, Rolande, Annie, Jason, Peter, Michel, Roel, Andrey, Emanuele, Barbara, Esther, Reuben, Quinten, Rudy, Ludivine, Jelle, Andy, Herman, Marieke, David, Joline, Sjoerd, Betty, Daniel, Marie-Anne, Erik Ivar, An, Nina, Nick, Jeroen, Lennard, Frances, Rabea, Edwin, Rene, Gerard, Peter, My, Fokke, Hessel, Alberto, Linda, Lotte, Karlijn, Vanessa, Tim, Sheena, Nick, Lucas, Leon, Kaoutar, Martijn, Onno, Monique, a team of 50 at Albelli customer service and 231 hard working colleagues in the production plant wish you a Happy New Year!