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Ideas for a Mother’s Day photo book

Mother's Day photo book idea 3

There are many ways to capture sentiments in a photo book. Peter and his father use one bright colour to visually tell the story behind their Mother’s Day gift. Read on to find out how they did it.

Recreate this in 4 easy steps

1. The first step is to chose a background design that matches the brightest colour that’s consistent in all the set of photos you plan to use. In Peter’s example, the orange colour in Mum’s gift is the brightest colour they select to then match to the ‘Christmas’ background design.

Mother's Day photo book idea 3_photo child 1   Orange bright colour theme page   Colour bright background 3 Albelli Christmas background design

2.Once you select your background design, apply it to the left page and enhance its colours by double clicking on it and increasing the saturation.

Enhance background colour - Mother's Day inspiration - theme pages 3

3. Once this is done, drag and drop your photos onto the left page then add numbers to each photo according to sequence of events. The numbers used here can be found under the Cardboard alphabet clip art design. To add it, go to Insert > Clip art> click the ‘Cardboard alphabet‘ from the drop down menu and add them.

Ideas for a Mother’s Day photo book Mothers Day theme page numbers 3

4. Now for the cool part! Create a note for Mum using the photo book creator! Take a creative shot of an empty page (this can be a blank paper posted on the fridge) add it to the page and  insert text over it. Use a fun font type, rotate it to fit the page and you’re done!

Ideas for a Mother’s Day photo book

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