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Aluminium prints

The most durable and industrial product in our catalog! Give your home a contemporary style with a photo on aluminum. You can even hang your aluminium print outdoors. Aluminium is perfect for black and white photos, but bright colors also look great on aluminium. Your aluminium print will have a smooth, matte finish that does not reflect light, so when you look at your print you see your photo and not your reflection! Creating an Aluminium print is simple.

Aluminium prints

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Top quality aluminium (dibond) Aluminium print with white underlay


We use top quality aluminum, also called ‘Dibond’. This material is 3 mm thick and consists of three solid layers. The two outer layers are made of aluminum, the middle layer is made of hard plastic. This keeps your aluminum print rigid and solid. The aluminum is finished with a white layer on which we print your photo.

Finish with white underlay

The aluminum is equipped with a white underlay, which your photo is printed on. The white layer replaces the white areas of your photo, making the white parts of your photo even brighter. This printing process is one of reasons why black and white photos look so great on aluminum!

Invisible grid hanging system

We provide an invisible suspension system at the back of your print. With just one screw you can hang your picture on the wall and spacers make sure your picture hangs straight. This system is completely invisible from the front and we do not drill holes in your photo, that would be a crime!

Aluminium grid hanging system

For sizes 80 x 120cm and 100 x 100cm a metal frame is attached on the back. This ensures the large format fits  firmly to the wall.

Aluminium prints

Why choose an aluminium print? The benefits at a glance:

  • UV and weather resistant, suitable for indoor and outdoor
  • Invisible suspension
  • Matte finish, so no mirroring
  • Contemporary, industrial look
  • Your photo extends to the edges

Top quality aluminium dibond

Industrial effect for your home

Aluminium prints

Aluminum looks less romantic than canvas and edgier than plexiglass, it’s a style right in between. With an aluminium print you can create a contemporary style in your home. Aluminium is strong, so your best photos remain in the spotlight for years!

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Affordable excellence
Suitable for indoor and outdoor
Matte finish
Your picture gets an edgy look
Invisible Grid Mounting System
No holes in your photo
Your picture hangs parallel to the wall
From £27.95 (excl. P&P)