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Resizing your photo book

Resizing and sharing your new photo book is really easy. When you create a large photo book, you have 3 different ways to resize your book without having to start all over again. So if you’ve made an XL photo book of your holiday or wedding day, you can order exactly the same book in a small or medium size. How perfect is that for a keepsake!? Read about the 3 different ways you can resize your book below. One thing, right now we aren’t able to offer Large Portrait and Large Square photo books in smaller sizes, but we hope to offer this soon.

Step 1: Order a smaller copy
Start your photo book creator, select your book and click ‘Order’ and an order screen will open in your internet browser. After choosing your options (cover, glossy, cover title etc.), your photo book will appear in your shopping basket (as shown below). At this state you can order a smaller size.

Step 2: Choose a smaller size
Look to the display to see your smaller size options and choose the size you want. As we already pointed out, there are some photo books we can’t offer in a smaller size right now.

Step 3: Ordering multiple sizes at the same time
To order several copies of a smaller size, just select the number you want from the drop down box. If you’d like to order different sizes, simply click on the orange bar again and select a different size. All the sizes and quantities are shown in a list so you can see exactly what you are ordering. To remove a size, just click on the orange ‘X’ to the right of the photo book. Please note that you won’t be able to delete your original book.

Key info: our resize option only works in the newest version of the creator tool. We can only convert your large photo books into smaller ones, and at this moment in time we can’t upgrade a smaller book into a larger format. Maybe one day we’ll be able to resize everything, but not just yet!

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